Dave's Live Alaska Show
Songs of the Last Frontier

This lively and entertaining combination of song, poetry and story takes place from 1st of June, through the end of August in Tok, Alaska.

Selling more CD's per visitor than any other show in Alaska is not my goal, it is simply an indication that I am reaching our visitors and putting them directly in touch with the spirit of Alaska.









I give them a sample of what they came North to find and the response has been overwhelming. When we part ways, we are friends and they are part of the Northland.

All the songs in the show are now on CD's so travelers have the opportunity to share their fun with folks back in their hometowns, as well as listen to the inspiration as they travel through Alaska. For me, being able to connect these folks with the most beautiful and exciting place on earth is a privilege and just plain fun.
The music from the show and on the CD's is all about Alaska. and our life here in the Last Frontier. There is a difference between artists who sing about a place and those who present the lifestyle they actually live in song. My life is Alaska. My music is sharing the Alaskan life.

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