Dave Stancliff

9th generation American, son of Ralph and Lillian.
Born: 1949 in Morrisville, Vermont.

Moved to Alaska in 1973.

Married to Susan Stancliff

Five children: Byron, Steven, Emily, Levi, and Mary.

Three Grandchildren: Jay, Rex, (Byron and Jennifer Stancliff)
Soren (Steven and Amy Stancliff)




Formal education: Civil engineering.

Career: Public Service as a Legislative Professional Assistant.

Creative works include: Dave

  • A Story of the Alaska Highway, "Going To The End of the World", (Joint project with Tok's Poet Laureate Donna Blasor-Bernhardt).
  • A Civil War Drama, "Gettysburg, Fields of Love and Honor" (Joint project with Donna BLasor-Bernhardt), Screeplay based on Gettysburg: "In Time, Peace" (Joint project with Donna Blasor Bernhardt)
  • One Act Play (Gettysburg) "The Gift", Two Act Play: "Goliath
  • Radio drama: "Christmas At Brooklyn and Spring"
  • Alaska music: "Songs of the Last Frontier", "Alaska Time", "Beyond Alaska".

Other interests: Flying (private pilot), fishing, hunting, photography, and woodworking.

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