Dave attends church at the Chapel of the North in Tok and presents many gospel tunes, both original and traditional there. “I always put music acknowledging the creator in my Alaska shows. I tell people after they have visited Alaska, if they don’t believe in God, they probably never will. Alaska is a crown jewel in all earth’s creation.”
Dave has played with many local friends. Floyd and Jeanne Seigler, Jim and Ginny Miracle, the late Mike Kozlowski. “Floyd and Jeanne are a part of my show and have recorded with me on two my CD’s. Their Alaska spirit and talent are immense. Jim and Ginny Miracle open up their home and hold local jam sessions. Jim is a multi-talented musician and his influence on me is deep and lasting."






When the tragedies of 9-11 took place, Dave packed his guitar and headed to Gettysburg P.A.. There he arranged a song called We Shall Rise to be offered as a gift of healing to the nation. The Lincoln Fellowship launched the song from the place Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg address on November 19th, 2001. Dave performed the song in the Pennsylvania. State House and later the lyrics were made part of the Congressional record in Washington D.C.
“We raised through donations over $20,000.00 to record, and distributed the song to families who lost loved ones in the attacks. For me the tribute song presentation in Shanksville, P.A. where flight 93 was brought down will stand as the most precious moment in all my music experiences”

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Tok Alaska is a tiny hamlet on the one and only highway in and out of the “Great Land”. If your adventures find you there don’t miss Dave’s show. Until you do, you can let the music of the Last Frontier bring you there.

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